Restriction of Education

Education is the right of every child and it cannot be taken from them. Children are an asset for any nation and once you invest in their education, you will reap benefits for it throughout their lifetime. They choose professions which suit them and pursue it within their country to make the economy better.

There are big changes in the countries due to the children who had facilities to study and could know where their interests lie. In the era of technology and advanced world, there are still many countries who are not over the war zones or the laws which do not let the children get educated. This is the worst thing which you can do to your people is not to provide them with a chance to study and grow.

There are millions of children around the world who are uneducated. About 72 million children at the primary level education and 760 million adults who have never seen the face of books in their life. They only know how to speak their language and other than that, they are unaware of how to write and read. This restricts them from making their life better and improve the conditions of their lifestyle.


Reasons for Restrictions

There can be many causes due to which children do not study and that again raises a point over the nation and the government. Poverty is the biggest reason in many countries which restricts the countries to bound people to work and not study. They are doing low wages jobs and even the children are working under age.

The time of their education is getting compromised with earning to feed their own families until they survive. Without education, they do not have any clue where they are heading and how they will lead their life. They do not have access to education because of the environment which is created for them. It keeps on transferring to the entire generation without bringing any change.

Many countries are facing the financial deficit due to which such laws of restricting education is there. They do not have the budget to provide primary schools for the children to at least get the basic knowledge. The materials, teachers, equipment and many other factors are not there with them to arrange for the children. There is a big lack on the side of financial resources which flow over generations in many countries until now.


Overall Ratio

If you look at the overall ratio, there are more than 70 million children globally who are not even aware of what education is. In the Africa side, more than 30 million children are uneducated. In the Eastern and Central Asia, more than 25 million children do not have the right to education which includes the Pacific Asia side as well. The problems keep on increasing without anyone looking into it.

The education poverty in this region is due to the restrictions because the countries are not able to arrange funds to educate their future generation. In Africa, children receive education only for 4 years and then they do not have the facilities in most of its regions.

In Burkina and Somalia, children only receive education for 2 years with a ratio of 50%. They do not have the facilities for the basic rights of education for the children. It impedes greatly on the economic and social countries for the developments. It keeps on getting worse as the time passes and nations get weak due to uneducated people in the country.

The education for girls is in big jeopardy nowadays in these countries. Even if there is a chance for 2 years education, those are mostly the boys. The Arab States in Southern, Western and Central Asia have the culture prevailing since generations.


Education for Girls in World

It even continues until now when they are not able to give permission for the girls to study in the schools even if they have all the facilities. They are forced or destined to be in the house and do the house chores for the rest of their life. They do not get the chance to interact with anyone or see new experiences of life. They spend all their lives in one box and do not know what goes around the big world.

In Afghanistan and other countries touching its borders, people do not make any efforts to finish the gaps of education for the children. It is essential for every child to be educated to explore the new sides of the world. In this era and the upcoming one, it is impossible to survive without at least the basic education.

People are reaching the levels of education with excelling in their life. To improve the lifestyle and get rid of poverty, it is necessary that nations realize the base of improving the economy is not by money but by investing for the education of the children.