Apps for Teachers and Students In 2019

3 Best Apps for Teachers and Students In 2019


The way people learn and educate is changing due to the rapid development of digital technology. But the good thing is that tech can be beneficial to both teachers and students. Here are a few apps that improve the learning environment for everyone.

1) Google Classroom

This is a free service meant for non-profit organizations and schools. In fact, anyone with a Google account can use this to organize their teaching or learning tasks. To begin, a teacher simply sets up their Google Classroom and then sends out direct invites or codes to the students.

Here, teachers can develop new assignments without wasting physical paper. And once their students accomplish the task, they can check and leave comments on the app. This means that teachers only need one app to develop and manage the tasks they send out to their pupils.

If you’re worried about cybersecurity, note that Google Classroom doesn’t have ads nor does it use any teacher or student data for marketing purposes. There also won’t be any issues such as the app blocking VPN access or deleting class discussions without notice.

2) StudyBlue

Studying for an exam or preparing your next lesson can be difficult, which is why people often relied on flashcards to test their knowledge. What StudyBlue does is to provide people with a platform where they can create and share their own digital flashcards on practically any subject.

This is an educational app that taps into the power of crowdsourcing — and it’s succeeded with flying colors. StudyBlue currently has more than 10 million users sharing a total of 500 million flashcards, which can be enhanced with pictures and sounds.

Also, the app features progress tracking and the ability to schedule reminders. Students will appreciate the sync tool, allowing them to begin studying on their desktop at home and then continuing on their smartphone on the road.

3) Remind

Finally, here’s an app that improves communication between students and teachers. With the Remind app, teachers can send updates and links to students in an instant. This helps students know when a class is postponed or when their teacher is available for consultation.

The Remind app also offers a two-way messaging feature, which allows students to have a conversation with their teachers instead of just reading their announcements. In addition, they can opt to get notifications for new homework and extracurricular activities.

Overall, there are many apps designed to help both teachers and students accomplish their goals. This should help school administrators understand that not all products of technology distract people from their studies.